At Povolny Orthodontics we place great value on feedback from our patients. Here are examples of what some of our patients say about us:

I have known Dr. Brian Povolny for more than 15 years and, as a periodontist, I truly appreciate his level of care and compassion. I have referred many patients to his practice, including my own children, because I know they are in good hands. Dr. Povolny’s professionalism in combination with his exceptional skills make him one of the best clinicians I have ever had the privilege to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Povolny for orthodontic therapy if you are interested in exceptional, long-lasting, beautiful results.

 Ralf F. Schuler, Dr. Med. Dent. MSD


As a general dentist, I have referred many of my patients needing orthodontics to Dr. Povolny's practice. I have known him for over 20 years and am very comfortable giving him a glowing recommendation. I appreciate his high level of care and expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Povolny if you are looking for beautiful, long-lasting, comfortable results!

 Dr. Patricia Benca


I first heard about Dr. Povolny from one of our neighbors. My teeth were not in very good condition at the time. They were crooked and overcrowded. I didn’t like the way they looked. Sometimes I was too uncomfortable to smile or laugh.

I like Dr. Povolny and the staff. They are all friendly. It was easy to set appointments and the office is in a convenient location.

I have braces and already my teeth look better. I feel confident about smiling and laughing!



I’ve been coming here since I was little, and the doctor and assistants know me and my family well. They’ve always been so great. The practice is inviting and efficient. Dr. Povolny is always personable and kind.

I’m a waitress, so I wanted to have a nicer smile. I loved the whole process of Invisalign. My teeth were very crooked and I’m so happy with my results. I have confidence in my smile! 

I recommend Invisalign and Dr. Povolny to anyone and everyone.



My treatment is absolutely fantastic! My teeth are getting straighter with my overbite being corrected, and my bite is getting fixed with the use of the elastic bands. I consider the doctor and the assistants as family. We get along extremely well, cracking jokes at one another for laughs and giggles. I told everyone at the office that when the time comes to leave, I’ll be extremely sad. You truly gain a connection with the assistants and the doctor along with the other patients. It’s not just the treatment you get out of it. It’s the joy you feel and the connections you make being around them. 

I have to give them great thanks for being so understanding and making the best payment plan so I would be able to get treatment. My experience here is a great success, and I recommend Dr. Povolny’s office if you need orthodontic work done.



I found out about Dr. Povolny through my dentist. I had already had braces in middle school, but I needed some orthodontic work before getting jaw surgery. Dr. Brian Povolny is a phenomenal orthodontist. My experience with him and his staff was an easy, painless and enjoyable experience, and that’s saying a lot for having braces for close to two years. Dr. Povolny was always willing to explain the procedures and walk me thorough it from start to finish. All of his assistants were gentle, fun to be around and made the experience that much smoother for me. 

Because of him, I now have a perfect smile. Povolny Orthodontics is a fantastic practice and I would highly recommend them to family and friends.



I was looking for a reputable orthodontist close to my work and a dentist referred me to Dr. Povolny. I could not have been happier! I really appreciate his calm demeanor and professional approach, and the way he explains things. The office is very comfortable and the staff is extremely kind and professional. 

I’ve always needed braces for a crossbite and I had a tooth that had never erupted so it was shifting my teeth. I’m on my way to a beautiful smile! I have complete faith in Dr. Povolny; he really knows his stuff!



My older brother was a patient, and I was a little kid with a few funky teeth. My family has a bad history when it comes to teeth and everyone here has been wonderful, giving helpful advice and doing everything they can to fix and prevent issues that might arise. 

Dr. Povolny was always friendly and helpful. This office has great staff and gets great results. I love the improvement in my bite, making it easier to eat. And I have straighter teeth.



5 Stars - What a Great Experience!  We have two children receiving ortho care from Dr. Povolny and have consistently had interactions with staff and care for the children that exceeded our expectation. The billing is very easy to understand, the kids have fun at their appts and the staff always goes out of their way to put us at ease and answer our question. The quality of the orthodontic care is exceptional to say the least.

 Andrea J. (Parent)


Both my children have had orthodontics here and we were quite pleased with the outcome-both have beautiful smiles. Dr. Povolny and his staff are friendly but most importantly-efficient. We rarely had to wait for an appointment and whenever a problem came up we were fit into the schedule promptly. I would highly recommend this office.

 Alexander S. (Parent)


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