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Creating a Smile
Makes it all Worthwhile

Welcome to Povolny Orthodontics!

High-Tech Braces | Orthodontics for Adults | Accelerated Orthodontics

Beautiful Straight Smiles for Kids, Teens and Adults

Since 1991, Dr. Brian Povolny, Dr. Chad Smart and their friendly staff at Povolny Orthodontics have been serving the Puget Sound community with quality orthodontic care, including Invisalign clear aligners, in a modern, comfortable environment. Dr. Povolny and Dr. Smart have years of experience using only the very best technology and treatment options, ensuring each patient receives a beautiful, straight smile and confidence to match! Povolny Orthodontics is located in Tukwila, by Southcenter Mall, and conveniently accessed by our neighbors in Kent, Renton, SeaTac, and the rest of south King County.

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Confident Smiles with our High-Tech Braces

Dr. Povolny uses the latest technology to straighten kids’ teeth and align their bites. The result: gentler, faster treatment and attractive, long-lasting results. Beautiful smiles and an improved appearance give kids more self-confidence and enhance the quality of their lives.

Dr. Povolny stays at the cutting-edge of orthodontics, offering his patients the latest in braces and teeth alignment technology. His advanced training and experience allow him to make accurate diagnoses that provide the best result in the shortest time.

For parents, this means their child or teen will be in braces for the minimum amount of time possible, as well as experience gentler treatment. “With our high-tech orthodontic treatment, there is very little discomfort,” says Dr. Povolny.

Competitive Rates

Dr. Povolny makes sure all kids can take advantage of his high-tech orthodontics with very competitive rates.

Advanced Technology = Gentle, Efficient Treatment

For his precise diagnosis, Dr. Povolny uses a state-of-the-art imaging machine to take low-radiation panoramic X-rays of the jaw, teeth and head. He uses a digital laser scanner, instead of goopy trays, to obtain highly accurate impressions. He then creates a 3D model of the teeth for in-depth study of the dynamics of the teeth and jaw. “Key to successful treatment is fully understanding each individual case,” says Dr. Povolny. “It is often more complicated than it seems, so accurate records and diagnosis are vital.”

Dr. Povolny uses state-of-the-art Synergy® brackets for his braces treatment. Synergy brackets combine a low-friction design with rapid wire change-out. “Synergy brackets give me greater treatment control options,” says Dr. Povolny. “They make treatment more comfortable and measurably speed it up.”

Friendly, Communicative Care

Dr. Povolny knows how to communicate with kids and make them feel comfortable. He explains their treatment in simple terms and answers all their questions so they feel like part of the team. Says one satisfied parent, “He’s just great with kids. He is so nice and friendly and genuine.” Another parent, Angela, says,“I love them. Dr. Povolny and his staff are outgoing and easy to talk to. They made my daughter very comfortable.”

“I was looking for a reputable orthodontist close to my work and a dentist referred me to Dr. Povolny.

“I could not have been happier! I really appreciate his calm demeanor and professional approach and the way he explains things. The office is very comfortable and the staff is extremely kind and professional.

“I am on my way to a beautiful smile! I have complete faith in Dr. Povolny; he really knows his stuff!” —Riesa

Orthodontics for Adults

Adults don’t need to put up with crooked teeth or a bad bite. Dr. Povolny uses high-tech braces or Invisalign for adult teeth straightening. While Invisalign is the preferred option for many adults, braces can accomplish things that Invisalign can’t, and they can also give faster treatment.

Consider these facts:

  • People with straight teeth are less likely to suffer from gum disease.
  • A misaligned bite can cause teeth to become broken-down or otherwise compromised.
  • Jaw and bite misalignment can cause pain and headaches.
  • Straight teeth are easier to keep clean.
  • A beautiful smile boosts self-confidence.

Clear Braces

Dr. Povolny also provides ceramic, tooth-colored braces for patients who want less visible braces.

Faster Teeth Straightening with Accelerated Orthodontics
Speed treatment by 40 to 50 percent!

Sometimes, the biggest concern patients have regarding teeth straightening is how long it will take. Dr. Povolny dramatically reduces treatment time with an in-office procedure. As he describes it, “Accelerated orthodontics is a miracle way to get braces done faster. Treatment time can be months or even years less than it would normally be.” He also uses the procedure to speed Invisalign treatment.

Gentle and Minimally Invasive

Accelerated orthodontics consists of techniques to stimulate bone growth and make it easier for the teeth to shift positions. Dr. Povolny uses a special device called a Propel® Excellerator in specific areas to increase bone cell production and tooth movement. The gentle, nonsurgical procedure is done in the office with local anesthesia.

Accelerated orthodontics is an option for any adult or teen with all their permanent teeth. It is also a solution for teeth that won’t move or are moving very slowly.

Faster Treatment, Best Results

Because treatment time is reduced, patients come into the office every two to three weeks instead of every six weeks. Propel treatment costs a nominal amount per arch.

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